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Dr.P. Satish Kumar was born in 1971 in Andhra Pradesh, South India.

Unfortunately, by the age of 11 He began smoking, gambling and stealing. Vexed with His bad habits his mother would Cry, I shouldn’t have given birth to you…you are a disgrace to our family, she used to say No one can change even God.

Disgusted with his own life… Satish began seeking God who can change His life, miraculously one day He had a divine visitation of Jesus Christ and completely transformed his life. He found new life, a new beginning and purpose for his life on earth.

As He began searching the Holy scriptures He realised, the creation has no meaning without being connected with the Creator. The reason why many people live without Love, Joy, peace is because they are disconnected with their creator WHO is Love and source of Joy and peace. He teaches this simple truth of life; Know God know Peace No God No peace.

As a student He began sharing this universal truth and hundreds and thousands of people attracted towards his teachings and transformed their lives. After completion of his education He got job opportunities to work in Canada, Singapore etc. As he was above to fly to Canada Pursue his career, again He had a divine visitation of Jesus Christ and said! You are chosen for a divine purpose to serve humanity through divinity. In 1991 He Surrendered His entire life to serve mankind. His powerful yet Simple life changing teachings have attracted countless millions of people and transformed their lives from wickedness to Godliness.

He is highly accepted and respected by all the regions and religious People because he Never complains, condemns, criticises or compares other Gods or religions.

His teachings are most convicting people of their wicked ways rather than converting people. He always teaches that every human needs to be connected with their creator.

Dr. P Satish Kumar being an Indian and highly speaks of India on international platforms about Indian values, culture and family structure. He emphasises “Service to mankind is service to God and as Jesus said “ Love your neighbour as you love yourself. He believes this – thus he practices.



Dr.P.Satish Kumar received the Doctor of Divinity award from The Dallas Baptist university.

And also received Mother Teresa award and national integrity award for his service to humanity.

Dr.P.Satish Kumar is the Honorary Board Member of Museum of the Bible, Washington and also Board member of CGI International founded by Dr. Paul Yangi Cho. South Korea.

Dr.P.Satish Kumar is Highly esteemed as a great Humanitarian. On behalf of Calvary temple, he has donated 800 tons of food to the poor and needy during 2020 lock down . During the Lockdown period when everyone is afraid even to come out and Yet Dr.P.Satish Kumar organized the hundreds and thousands of volunteers to reach four corners of Andhra and Telangana states and they have delivered Grocery kits at the door steps of the needy and suffering, this can kit could feed entire family of four people for more than one month. These Calvary Temple volunteers have reached close to 40,000 homes with food kits that contain 30 varieties of grocery items.

His Services during COVID-19 is highly commended by National and international media. The Newspapers and electronic media of over 40 countries have published news articles about Dr.P.Satish Kumar’s generosity.

Dr.P.Satish Kumar is married and blessed with two sons.